About IEGO

Private and public sector leaders from Riverside and San Bernardino counties have catalyzed an effort to forge a strategic agenda for advancing inclusive growth and opportunity that will benefit residents of both counties and put the region on the path to a more prosperous and secure future. This strategic agenda endeavors to lift thousands out of poverty and broaden local access to opportunity by investing in better pathways to good jobs, improving educational outcomes, inspiring the region’s brightest young people to stay, and strengthening civic infrastructure necessary to address emerging opportunities.

We are grateful for financial and in-kind support from the following institutions: The James Irvine Foundation, Golden State Opportunity, County of Riverside, County of San Bernardino, California State University San Bernardino, Loma Linda University, Riverside Community College District, University of California Riverside, and University of Redlands. We are also grateful for the work of The Brookings Institution, and the in-kind contributions and involvement of the following individuals.

** Members of the Executive Committee
* Members of the Steering Committee
+ Members of Working Groups
++ Co-chairs of Working Groups
^ Members of the Research Committee
~Members of the IEGO Staff

Violeta Aguilar-Wyrick* SEIU 121 RN
Ann Marie Allen++ Growing Inland Achievement
Al Arguello** Bank of America
Rusty Bailey* City of Riverside
Duane Baker+ San Bernardino County Transportation Authority
Deborah Barmack* Inland Action
Lisa Benvenuti^ University of Redlands
Carole Beswick* Inland Action
Rick Bishop* WRCOG
Gordon Bourns+ Bourns, Inc.
David Brager** Citizens Business Bank
Wallace Brithinee+ Consultant
Benjamin Briggs* Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement
Paulette Brown-Hinds** Voice Media Ventures
Celeste Cantu* PPIC Water Policy Center
Jane Carney* Attorney
Helen Chen* AMBRYX Biotechnology, Inc.
Jamil Dada** Provident Bank
Michele Decker* The Community Foundation
Anil Deolalikar* UC Riverside
Greg Devereaux+ Consultant
Taj Ahmed Eldridge* UCR Technology Partnerships
Matt Englhard++ Proficiency Capital LLC
Dave Everett* ABC Southern California Chapter
Kevin Fleming* Norco College
Josh Fryday* Golden State Opportunity
Andrejs Galenieks^ Loma Linda University
Luz Gallegos* TODEC Legal Center
Paul Granillo** Inland Empire Economic Partnership
Brett Guge** California Steel
Carrie Harmon^* County of Riverside
Michele Hasson* CCAEJ
Brian Hawley++ Luminex
Jaime Hurtado* Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Council
John Husing^ Economics & Politics, Inc./IEEP
Wolde-Ab Isaac** Riverside Community College District
Reg Javier^* County of San Bernardino
Kevin Jeffries* County of Riverside
George Johnson** County of Riverside
Jessica Kaczmarek** The James Irvine Foundation
Mark Kaenel** AltaPacific Bank
Sheheryar Kaoosji+* Warehouse Workers Resource Center
Richard Keeler^ Riverside Community College District
Danielle Kelly++ March JPA
Randy Korgan+ Teamsters Local 1932
Steve Lambert The 20/20 Network
Pamela Langford* CSU San Bernardino
Toni Lawrence+ UC Riverside
Fred Latuperissa+ US Department of Commerce (Ret.)
Randall Lewis* Lewis Group of Companies
Ching Liu+ SolarMax
Patricia Lock Dawson* Riverside Unified School District
Ron Loveridge** University of California Riverside
Heidi Marshall^* County of Riverside
Gary McBride* County of San Bernardino
L. Dennis Michael* City of Rancho Cucamonga
Johannes Moenius^ University of Redlands
Steve Monteros++ Convergence One
Lou Monville** Raincross Corporate Group
Tomás Morales** CSU San Bernardino
Steve Moore^ University of Redlands
Robert Moran^ County of Riverside
Tom Mullen* County of Riverside (Ret.)
Henry Nickel+ County of San Bernardino
Cory Nomura^ University of Redlands
Rosibel Ochoa+ UCR Technology Partnerships
Mary Jane Olhasso^ County of San Bernardino (Ret.)
Jay Orr* County of Riverside (Ret.)
Julie Pehkonen+ Riverside Community College District
Bill Perez* Riverside/San Bernardino Building Trades Council
Deborah Phares* Inland Empowerment
Steve PonTell** National CORE
Karthick Ramakrishnan** UC Riverside
Elizabeth Romero* UCR Government Relations
Cindy Roth* Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce
Janice Rutherford* County of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors
Michael Samardzija^ Loma Linda University
Joe Sanberg** Golden State Opportunity
Kristine Scott** Sempra Energy
Barbara Sirotnik^ CSU San Bernardino
Bob Stockton* Rick Engineering
Stan Stosel IBEW Local 47
Ken Stream** Gresham, Savage et al
Nathan Strout^ University of Redlands
Mike Stull^ CSU San Bernardino
Beth Tamayose~ UCR School of Public Policy
John Tavaglione* County of Riverside (Ret.)
Chris Thornberg^ Beacon Economic Forecasting/UCR
John Thomas+ La Sierra University
Mark Thorpe* Ontario International Airport
Tracey Vackar* Riverside Community College District
Qingfang Wang^ UCR School of Public Policy
Alan Wapner* City of Ontario
Matt Webb* Albert A. Webb Associates
Hassan Webb+ Bank of America
Kim Wilcox** UC Riverside
Henrietta Williams+ The Convergence
David Willmon~ UCR School of Public Policy
Gerald Winslow** Loma Linda University Health
Annalisa Wurm~ UCR School of Public Policy