IEGO Sector Focus: Cybersecurity

During IEGO’s planning and research process, a diverse group of regional experts quickly found that IT/Cybersecurity warranted placement on the list of promising sectors worth increased investment. As a result, workforce and business development in the IT/Cybersecurity sector became one of the signature recommendations of the Brookings Institution and IEGO’s benchmark report, Middle-Class Jobs for a Fast-Growing Region.

What our research found

Cal State University San Bernardino is home to one of the nation’s best Cyber training programs, and its Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship is working to grow and support startups in the fields of information technology and cybersecurity. UC Riverside is growing its Highly effective training programs also are being developed and implemented at community colleges and at the high school level, creating an impressive pipeline of talent. Even so, most graduates leave the IE and find lucrative employment across the country. More coordinated public and private investments would help establish a vibrant ecosystem of small businesses that can subsequently attract or grow larger Cyber firms.

Laying the groundwork

Now in the implementation stages, the IEGO campaign has brought together Cyber businesses and IT/Cyber demand consumers from across the Inland Empire to begin implementing a workforce alignment strategy for the region.

Specific strategies and investment areas being considered:

  • Create a robust apprenticeship program in partnership with businesses and the LAUNCH program;
  • Grow existing and aligned programs, including Guided Pathways for four-year attainment;
  • Expand the capacity of Cyber pathways at high schools across the region;
  • Organize and align community college certificate programs in IT/Cyber including big data analytics;
  • Expand existing high-school-focused IT/Cyber summer training programs and camps;  
  • Inform, organize, and align regional chambers of commerce and economic development agencies to deploy business retention and recruitment strategies for growing the IT/Cybersecurity sector in the IE.

Where it’s all leading us

The IE is home to tremendous IT/Cybersecurity assets which can be leveraged for real growth and establish the Inland Empire as a Cyber industry hub for businesses looking to grow. With the right investments, especially around talent and human capital, IT/Cybersecurity holds tremendous potential for good and promising jobs in the Inland Empire.

UCR conference examines why housing matters in inclusive econ development

The UC Riverside School of Business Center for Economic Forecasting and Development recently held its 2019 annual conference, “The House That Wasn’t Built. Housing Scarcity: The Inland Empire’s Natural Barrier to Economic Growth.” It pointed out that some of the very jobs IEGO is trying to attract are the most at risk as housing costs have made it more difficult than ever to retain workers and businesses. “Lower-skilled workers moved inland because coastal areas put the kibosh on housing 20 years ago,” said Chris Thornberg, director of the center. “It’s like we’re saying, ‘We already kicked you out of the coastal areas; now we want to kick you out of the inland, too.’” Read more, here.

Spirit of Entrepreneur Award winners honored

Recognizing that “Innovation is Not Enough,” and that creating a successful business enterprise includes equal measures of passion, drive, commitment, determination, and risk taking, the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards recently celebrated and honored the Inland Empire region’s best entrepreneurs. The 17th annual gala event, presented by the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE) at Cal State San Bernardino, drew more than 1,000 attendees to the Riverside Convention Center to hear the inspiring stories of the 33 entrepreneurs selected as finalists. For more on the winners, click here.

IE manufacturing activity continues to grow

For the second quarter in a row, business activity in the Inland Empire has outperformed the nation as a whole. The new Inland Empire Business Activity Index released by the UCR School of Business Center for Economic Forecasting and Development shows a jump of 2.3% in the region’s business activity in the third quarter compared to 1.9% growth for U.S. GDP. The Index reports that business activity in the Inland Empire is forecast to rise between 1.9% and 2.4% over the next year. Read more, here.