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IEGO Sector Focus: Cybersecurity

IEGO Sector Focus: Cybersecurity

During IEGO’s planning and research process, a diverse group of regional experts quickly found that IT/Cybersecurity warranted placement on the list of promising sectors worth increased investment. As a result, workforce and business development in the IT/Cybersecurity sector became one of the signature recommendations of the Brookings Institution and IEGO’s benchmark report, Middle-Class Jobs for […]

UCR conference examines why housing matt...

UCR conference examines why housing matters in inclusive econ development

The UC Riverside School of Business Center for Economic Forecasting and Development recently held its 2019 annual conference, “The House That Wasn’t Built. Housing Scarcity: The Inland Empire’s Natural Barrier to Economic Growth.” It pointed out that some of the very jobs IEGO is trying to attract are the most at risk as housing costs have made […]

Spirit of Entrepreneur Award winners hon...

Spirit of Entrepreneur Award winners honored

Recognizing that “Innovation is Not Enough,” and that creating a successful business enterprise includes equal measures of passion, drive, commitment, determination, and risk taking, the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards recently celebrated and honored the Inland Empire region’s best entrepreneurs. The 17th annual gala event, presented by the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE) at […]