This effort aims to advance inclusive economic growth and expand middle class opportunity in the region of Riverside and San Bernardino counties by helping a diverse set of local leaders to create and implement a shared regional agenda of economic and workforce development strategies. This agenda will endeavor to lift thousands out of poverty and broaden local access to opportunity by investing in better pathways to good jobs, improving educational outcomes, inspiring the region’s brightest young people to stay, and strengthening civic infrastructure necessary to address emerging opportunities.

Specifically, this effort will:

  1. Produce new research and insights on challenges and opportunities to improve economic mobility and expand the middle class within the region
  2. Translate insights on local economic and social challenges into strategies and tactics that aim to improve economic mobility and expand the middle class in the region
  3. Establish a ready audience of regional leaders that will implement and continue to improve strategies and tactics that emerge to improve economic mobility and expand the middle class
  4. Create greater local civic capacity for collective, bi-county action to successfully implement strategies that advance inclusive growth and opportunity
  5. Over the long term, improve local quality of life through quality job creation and access, particularly in sectors that offer ample pathways to the middle class

This effort to promote inclusive economic development builds on and is informed by other regional, multi-sector initiatives focused on such issues as college and career readiness, water management, transportation, and improvements in public health. The effort also seeks to draw on existing and incipient local research and strategies as often as possible.