An Inland Empire economy that provides family-sustaining jobs with upward opportunities, enables a high quality of life, and supports shared prosperity for all residents and businesses.


IEGO strives to do economic development differently by:

  1. Developing asset-based, participatory strategies for generating quality jobs for those with and without college degrees in opportunity sectors that can close historic equity gaps.
  2. Securing investments to advance the region’s existing and needed infrastructure to implement cluster-based development strategies.
  3. Strengthening the civic capacity and alignment for bi-county and cross-sectoral collaboration to develop shared goals and carry out shared solutions.
  4. Amplifying the key messages of IEGO’s mission and values, partners, and strategies through a range of communications tools.
  5. Advocating for policies that reduce barriers for economic and racial equity and inclusion and foster new investments and financial parity for the Inland Empire.

Operating Values

Economic capacity: IEGO fosters learning, investments, and collaboration that help the region identify new job and business creation strategies.

Economic opportunity: IEGO believes that access to opportunity is essential, but not sufficient, to close the persistent racial, gender, and economic equity gaps that exist in the Inland Empire. Wealth-building, housing and food security, and other place-based conditions present recurring barriers that must be addressed to close these gaps.

Data-driven decision making: IEGO uses quantitative and qualitative data to identify opportunities, barriers, and sound long-term development strategies that can affect the root cause of economic inequity.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: IEGO attracts, elevates, and invests in businesses, leaders, and institutions that embody the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism to promote economic justice in our region. IEGO views the Inland Empire’s racial and immigrant diversity as one of its greatest strengths and believes that diverse decision-making processes and power-sharing are foundational for closing the equity gaps that exist in the IE.

Innovation: IEGO prioritizes creative social, technical, and economic solutions to our region’s most pressing challenges, ensuring a broad welcome to new ideas that touch the root causes of issues and solve long-term and systemic problems.

Local capacity building: IEGO’s efforts result in the networks, tools, and strategies that give our local institutions, businesses, and residents new abilities to advance economic development and justice.

Place-based investment: IEGO recognizes the investment and wealth disparities within different Inland Empire geographies, and we incorporate community development and the needs of specific communities into IEGO strategies.

Environmental sustainability: IEGO recognizes the fundamental role of natural resources and ecosystems in the long-term viability of the Inland Empire and we embed this understanding into IEGO’s adoption of economic and community development strategies.